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Herbs at West End Acupuncture

At West End Acupuncture we use only high quality Chinese herbal medicines prescribed and tailored to your individual needs by our registered Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner – Emma Iwinska.

What are Chinese Medicinal Herbs?

Chinese Medicine includes hundreds of different substances utilised for their energetic nature. Traditionally mineral and animal substances are utilised alongside plants. At West End Acupuncture we take a Buddhist approach and use only vegetarian options from non-threatened species. This ensures that our herbs are not only good for you but also for the environment. We have a dispensary of concentrated granulated herbs that are water soluble and able to be customised to your individual needs. They are easy to use and as they are not in an alcohol solution they are kind to your liver. We also carry prepared formulas and raw herbs you can take home and make into tea.

How will they benefit me?

Chinese herbs can be used to bring about lasting change in your body. They are a potent natural medicine and make a wonderful adjunct to your acupuncture treatment or on their own. Changes people notice while taking Chinese Herbs include:

And most importantly:
Alleviation of Symptoms

Chinese Herbal & Dietary Consult
Initial Consultation $100
Follow Up $60

The price of herbs varies depending on your individually constructed formula.

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