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Gynaecology & Menopause

Women's bodies are truly amazing! At West End Acupuncture we have the utmost respect, care and appreciation for the spectacular capacity for cyclic change and growth inherent in the female body. Women undertake cycles of fertility across the lunar month and across their lifetime. At West End Acupuncture we focus our energies on empowering women throughout this natural and regular growth and change. Alongside offering individualised patient care we also regularly run health events for women and teenagers which focus on generating self-knowledge and awareness in relation  to reproductive and sexual health.

Gynaecology, Eastern Medicine & Integrative Health

The monthly cycle a woman's body undertakes is truly astounding, and even if you have no plans to be pregnant, keeping this cycle flowing smoothly and harmoniously will help immensely with your day-to-day well-being.  At West End Acupuncture we adjust our treatments according to what day you are in your cycle. We do this to empower and support the natural changes your body, mind and hormones undertake throughout a fertility cycle. Emma has experience working with a range of gynaecological conditions including endometriosis, PCOS, PMS, PID, fibroids, mid-cycle bleeding and irregular, heavy and painful periods.

Menopause & The Wise Woman

Women's bodies are truly amazing! Did you know that no other species has the phenomena of menopause? The role of wise woman or grandmother is unique to womankind and the incredible benefit this brings to us as a society has been clearly demonstrated and documented. Transitioning from a stage of fertility, to the role of wise woman brings numerous challenges in a range of ways. Hormonal shifts can impact on sleep, mood, temperature regulation and libido. Acupuncture may be an effective support across all these areas, and at West End Acupuncture we will always customise your treatment for your individual needs.

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