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How does acupuncture work?

Well acupuncture is a little bit, in fact a lot, completely and utterly amazing! Science proves that it works but scientists can’t agree on actually how it works, so I will explain it from an acupuncturist’s perspective.

Acupuncture works through regulating the Qi (or energy) flow through the body, and bringing it back to a state of balance.

Balanced Qi Flow = Feeling Fantastic

This is the beautiful simplicity of acupuncture. When we are in balance we feel great.

One of the easiest ways to explain qi flow in the body is to imagine the body’s meridians or energy channels are rivers of water. If a log falls in the river it obstructs the flow of water. You end up with a lot of water behind the log (as in a dam) and a dry creek bed downstream. The health of the whole creek will suffer. The creek will also be affected by severe drought or flood. A clever acupuncturist will find any logs and move them out the way, while addressing any droughts or floods in the body. When all your qi is flowing smoothly you feel amazing and are left in good health and good spirits

What happens during treatment?

First we say hello, do some paperwork and chat with you about what you would like some help with. Then we will explain to you in detail some of the things we do during a treatment such as:

Once we have answered any questions you have, we will show you into one of our acupuncture treatment rooms to get comfy. At West End Acupuncture we offer the very gentle art of Japanese Acupuncture. We always treat the front and the back of the body so halfway through your treatment we will flip you over so we can do the second part of your treatment. This means you will always have a thorough and completely balanced acupuncture experience. We use only very fine high quality acupuncture pins that are gently tapped into carefully selected points. There is no pain just a sensation of deep relaxation. Many people nod off to sleep during a treatment. After your treatment you will feel very relaxed, so drink lots of water and enjoy a restful day.

How will acupuncture benefit me?

It will benefit you in all ways!!! Acupuncture gets rid of physical pain, balances emotions, hormones, the digestive system - essentially your whole body. You may have come in for a treatment to fix your sore shoulder, but after your treatment you find that you suddenly feel less angry, have more energy or another health complaint has remedied itself. That’s because at West End Acupuncture we focus on treating the whole person and fixing the cause of the problem alongside the symptoms. When you fix the root of the problem your whole system comes into balance and symptoms disappear. If you feed the “roots” the “branches” begin to flourish. We look forward to making you flourish!!!!

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Initial Consult and Treatment (1-1.5hrs) $120
Acupuncture (45min-1hr) $100 
12-18 years old
Initial Consult and Treatment (1hr) $100
Acupuncture (45min) $80
Children under 12
Initial Consult and Treatment (30min) $80
Acupuncture (10-20min) $60-40
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