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Teenage & Paediatric Health

Gentle Healthcare for All -

Teenage health care is a passion of Emma's, who has presented nationally on this topic. Technology has had huge impacts on the health and well-being of young people, and Emma continues to advocate for increased awareness and an integrated approach to healthcare in this field. Recognising the changing drivers of health problems for young people is key in optimising patient care and outcomes. 

Emma has experience working with new born babies for things such as digestive and sleep problems, right through to teenagers for support with mental health, gaming addiction and gynaecology.

Acupuncture, Herbs, Moxa and non-insertive treatment options may help with:

What happens during a session?

Japanese acupuncture consultations are gentle, relaxing and non-invasive. We make treatments fun for children!! We always ensure your child feels safe, relaxed and gives willing consent for any type of treatment. We adjust all our paediatric treatments based on your child's preferences, so that they always feel engaged and in control of the process.

 We utilise a range of treatment options including:


Initial Consultation for Teenagers $100
Follow up consultations $80
Children under 12yrs or Shorter Balances $80 - $40

Health rebates are available.

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